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Molen & Associates Services

Environmental Due Diligence

Molen & Associates has performed hundreds of Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain west on a variety of industrial, agricultural, commercial, and undeveloped properties. We work closely with our clients and their lenders during real estate transactions to meet environmental due diligence requirements in a cost-effective way while ensuring that environmental risks are appropriately investigated and managed.

For our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, we research historic and regulatory documentation, conduct interviews, and visually inspect a property in order to prepare ASTM-compliant reports that thoroughly describe and assess potential environmental concerns. If additional investigation is required, Molen & Associates provides tailored Phase II Environmental Site Assessments ranging from extensive, multi-parcel investigations to supplementary sampling of groundwater, soil, subsurface vapor, and/or indoor air.

Landfills & Recycling

Waste Facility Services

Molen & Associates specializes in many aspects of waste facility permitting, monitoring, compliance, and redevelopment, including:

  • Permitting and compliance for solid waste landfills, inert fill sites, recycling centers, transfer stations, and waste tire processing facilities
  • Redevelopment of properties overlying historic landfills or inert fill sites, including permitting requirements and methane mitigation systems
  • Groundwater and methane gas monitoring services at active and historic landfills
  • Oversight of unauthorized disposal site excavations, including the development of materials management plans and management of asbestos in soils
  • Natural occurring radioactive materials assessments, mitigation programs and plans
  • Land development permitting including, conditional use permits, subdivisions, and related consultation with Counties

Molen & Associates has decades of experience navigating the often complex regulatory issues that surround waste-related environmental services. Our familiarity with local and state permitting processes and expertise in the environmental challenges associated with fill sites has led us to successful outcomes for a wide variety of waste facilities and clients.

Hydrocarbon Contamination

Voluntary Cleanup Program Assistance

Colorado’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCUP) was developed to assist landowners whose properties have been contaminated by past uses and to remove barriers to the redevelopment of such sites. Molen & Associates has a successful track record in working with clients who own property contaminated by off-site sources and wish to apply for a No Action Determination under the VCUP program. Typically, a No Action Determination application involves investigatory work to determine that contamination originates from an off-site source, along with an assessment of exposure pathways and indoor air quality to determine potential health risks on-site. In cases where contamination originates on-site, Molen & Associates can work with clients to develop a cost-effective remediation plan under the VCUP program that meets the requirements of the State and ultimately results in a No Action Determination status for the property.

Other Services

Molen & Associates provides a number of other environmental services, including but not limited to:

  • Indoor air investigations
  • Vapor intrusion assessments
  • Asbestos building inspection surveys
  • Tailored subsurface investigations
  • Underground storage tank closure assessments
  • Mold investigation surveys
  • Hazardous waste characterization and management
  • Stormwater management plans
  • County permitting

No matter how large or small your environmental project, we look forward to the opportunity to assist you in a timely manner while minimizing costs.